Dr. Olson preformed a - nasal valve collapse, nasal septal perforation and deviated septum repair as well as a turbinate reduction. My original appointment with her was to address persistent stuffiness and congestion that I experienced despite using allergy medications and nasal sprays. Some of the symptoms were due to post-op complications (septal hematoma) from a sinus surgery I had done in Colorado. Accordingly, I was very hesitant contemplating another sinus procedure. Dr. Olson was willing to answer all of my questions and concerns given my previous experience, and handled all of our conversations with expertise and a genuine demeanor.

I am now 2 months post-op and had no idea that the way I am breathing and therefore feeling was possible from such small but complicated changes she made. I am no longer using allergy meds or nasal sprays, I have experienced no congestion or swelling at all other than the usual couple weeks right after surgery which is expected, the whistling noises I made when breathing due to prior septal perforations are completely gone, and I sleep better and wake up more refreshed due to breathing well naturally.

I’m so glad that I trusted her recommendations despite all of my hesitations as I truly had no idea how much it would positively impact my everyday life. It was worth the surgery and recovery for sure. I'm very grateful.